Progress Update – Expansion and More!

In the past several months, our team has made tremendous strides forward in the expansion of our healing space. With the combined efforts of doctors, therapists, and numerous community members, we are shaping a nurturing environment that fosters healing and positive change.

In March, we successfully processed over 300 yards of wood chips donated by Davy’s Tree Service and other generous Camano Island companies. With the additional support from Grocery Outlet and local restaurants and grocery stores for the much-needed cardboard for ground covering, our permaculture space is blossoming beautifully.

Securing the required building supplies and tools was a slow process, but we have been steadily moving forward. Thanks to Cascade Lumber, and their incredibly generous donation of essential lumber supplies, we have made significant progress on our garden fence, eco-dome platforms, walkways, and wheelchair ramps. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Evan and his team for their support in bringing our vision to life.

Our mission is to use organic gardening and permaculture as tools to help those dealing with PTSD, offering a space to learn new skills, engage with nature, and explore the healing potential of working with the earth. Your contribution, be it transporting wood chips from the driveway to the garden or assisting in other tasks, greatly propels our cause forward.

Our current expansion project includes creating larger spaces for meditation practices, sound healing, yoga classes, gardening classes, and more, offering multiple pathways for our community to engage in a supportive, healing environment.

We invite anyone interested in lending a hand to reach out through the volunteer button at the top of this page or via email at Your involvement will not only help us maintain our beautiful garden space but will contribute immensely to the healing journey of those affected by PTSD.